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md Mukter
Aug 03, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
The other extreme is to take money very lightly, spend it as soon as you have it, never want to worry about money, and don’t make any plans. There may be phone database no right or wrong in the values ​​of money and the way of using money, but from these places, you can foresee the possible relationship between you in the future. If the difference between each other is too great, there will only be more friction after marriage. It is recommended to discuss more and find out acceptable balance to each other. 2. Does the other party have any debts? The main observation is his motives, why would he owe these debts? Some people swipe their cards online to buy game points, addicted to games, or like to shop, so their credit cards always have outstanding balances, use revolving credit, or have debts on credit loans. Some people are borrowing and financing to invest in stocks. Such people may be strong in gambling, and may create more debts because of this, which will definitely have a negative impact on family finances after marriage. 3. Do I need to sign a prenuptial agreement? A general prenuptial agreement may stipulate such as the degree of corporal punishment of the children, the surname of the children from the husband or wife's surname, the distribution of family work, and so on. However, in terms of family finances, the following matters can be discussed, and if necessary, a prenuptial agreement can be concluded. For example, do you need to have any obligations to the original family after marriage, and do you need to make financial contributions to the parents of siblings? Do I need to make an agreement to separate the property system? The separate property system is to manage and dispose of each other's property separately, and each is responsible for paying off its debts.
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md Mukter

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